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Your Questions About Match.com Login | www.Oasis Dating Tips.com

Your Questions About Match.com Login

Mary asks…

I am an American living in Germany and I can’t login to my US Match.com account?

It always defaults to the German version of Match.com no matter what. Even when I click on the Match.com link provided in my notification emails.


Hi from France ♫

Try via : http://www.meetic.com ( they work together now)…

Have a great sunday


Susan asks…

Username appears when opening match.com How do I prevent that? Already did tools, internet options, delete?

I’ve deleted the entire browsing history and the user name still appears when opening up match.com, login. The pw does not appear.


That might be an IP login feature. Make sure you log out of match.com first.

Browsing History is just history. It isn’t temporary internet files or cookies. Make sure you also delete the cookies, and also clear your internet cache.

Richard asks…

Match.com and unavailable profiles. ?

Hello, here i am again. I saw a guy on a dating site and I sent an email, he replies giving me his phone number so I call and hit the answering machine he calls back we chat for 30 minutes and he said we should meet sometime and that he would call the following week. After that I login to my account he is not active for 5 days and all of a sudden his profile turns unavailable! Is it possible he’s blocking me or that he was banned from the website. The site is match.com


he is banned from the website!

Ken asks…

How can I get Match.com to take their STUPID ads off my Myspace page?

Anybody else out there who wants to take a gun and aim it at those bobbly headed idiot males in the match.com ads that pop up EVERY time you log out of your Myspace account? They always appear between the log out screen and the login one. They make stupid faces, bobble their heads around and stare at you like they’re actually interacting with you. It’s in my face and I’m sick of seeing the morons. You can push the STOP button a the top to at least make the annoying motions go away. But their grinning idiot faces are still staring expectantly at me and I have to scroll down if I want to read something without having to constantly see eyeballs follow mine. I wish at least Match.com would put these ads on their own page instead of invading our personal space with their idiocy.


Facebook has far fewer ads. Well, maybe not fewer, but SMALLER.

Daniel asks…

is there anybody who login as sweetbrookes@yahoo.com?

that person called herself sweetbrookes at amateur match.com


If you don’t know that address then you shouldn’t open it. It is no doubt spam. Once you open these things it alerts them that your account is active then you receive more. They pass your address on to others.

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