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Your Questions About Plentyoffish.com Forums

Chris asks… Are straight women visually stimulated? I don’t mean bi or lesbians. lesbians are visual and some bisexuals are but they rather go for personality and don’t notice looks. A lot of women say they are but then they make comments about god so I have a feeling that they were influenced by religion [...]


Your Questions About Dating Online Games For Girls

Nancy asks… are there any sims online games that are for girls? all of the online sims games are for boys trying to date girls answers: Well www.Gaiaonline.com has a large population of female users. But it looks and plays more like a anime type game than others. Ruth asks… What are some good dating [...]


Your Questions About Match.com Free Trial

Richard asks… The free seven day trial on Match.com? Okay so I was wondering if the free trial is just a scam. Do they automatically bill you anyway? Does it work if you actually cancel it in time? I want to check things out, but I am not ready to fork over the money. answers: [...]


Your Questions About Spokeo

Michael asks… What is spokeo? are there any more sites like it? answers: It is a people search engine. It has peekyou.com, pipl.com and more similar sites. Susan asks… is there any other sites like spokeo? im looking for similar sites that do the same thing as spokeo answers: Here’s one. Maria asks… Has any [...]


Your Questions About Chemistry.com

Susan asks… whats the best site to find local singles? i got 3 so far, match.com chemistry.com eharmony.com im lookin for a site that is good and guaranteed relationship, which one you know would work best? answers: Your local church, institution of higher education, community organization, or your friends house via networking. Sandy asks… move [...]


Your Questions About Cougar Dating

Daniel asks… Is A Woman Still Considered A Cougar If The Younger Man She Is Dating Is Also Middle Aged? My aunt who is 58 years old is dating 40 year old man. So is she still considered a cougar ? After all she is old enough to be his mother. answers: A ‘cougar’ is [...]


Your Questions About Matchmaking

John asks… Why does Halo 3 keep throwing me back into the main menu just as I start a matchmaking game? ? Nearly every time I try to play a matchmaking game on Halo 3, the game starts but before I appear on screen the game says game over, and throws me back to the [...]


Your Questions About Polish Dating Websites

Thomas asks… Islam – Sex before marriage and getting married? I have asked this question before, but didn’t get many answers, and the answers i did get were very unhelpful and people just giving their opinions. I am now attempting to ask the question again with hopefully some more informative answers. I was raised Catholic, [...]


Your Questions About The Pitfalls Of Dating

Joseph asks… Should I go for this girl? I met this girl over the summer, and we hit it off. She really wanted to stay in contact with me, so I gave my number to her. She kinda has a flirty personality. She initiates conversations more than I. We have been texting consistently for about [...]


Your Questions About Dating Tips For Teenage Guys

Laura asks… hey umm… hi everyone im 13year old girl … i have a bf? i know u all just say “too young to have a bf or too young to get marry…………. let me say having bf in teenage is not the damn big deal if u love someone and dont wanna loose them [...]